Companies are people

Since its founding in April 2014, Gracetory has been aiming to ensure that employees can work with smiles.

It is said that 1+1=3 or 4 is possible, but we will make efforts to ensure that each person can demonstrate a performance of "1".

It's difficult to demonstrate the performance of "1" in a company where employee motivation is not high. Respect companies and individuals that are comfortable to employees.

You want to be able to work in the best condition. Each person has the power to have and aims to perform "1."

In Gracetory, employees are the biggest asset to the company.

By looking at employees as a bond more than their family members, we aim for a company where everyone can work with peace of mind. We will organize to ensure that the overall performance of the company is at its best.

Instead of demanding 150% of the workforce with 120% of the workforce, we want 100% of the workforce with 80% of the workforce.

There are always waves in humans, some good waves and some bad waves. I believe that 80 percent of the power will be used as a last-minute force in case of unforeseen circumstances.